Quotations from lectures:

"to be creative is easy to create is difficult"
"fredom in art is uninterresting limited fredom is real art."
“The Fiat Multipla car has bags under its eyes”
“Nothing could be more boring than to discuss interest rates in Sainsbury’s”
“After having a baby I have entered the chipboard age”
“Good solutions are created like good soup – with love”
“A form should preferably contain a little poetical mathematics”
“We can only hope that the silicone age has passed – with regard to furniture, that is”
“Is there anything more beautiful than wood that has been kissed by the rain, caressed by the wind, and tucked in by the snow?”
“Designers resembling piece goods”
“The price per square metre is too high for upholstery nightmares”
“A good story must also be recognisable in the form”
“The home has become a stage setting and the kitchen an exhibition hall”
“A form should be able to describe itself on the basis of an angle”
“I try to create sensual experiences in everyday life”
“You fondle the meat off with the knife, you don’t cut it”
“Borrowing money from a bank to buy a sofa that looks like a limp cow’s tongue”
“A good sausage should smell of dogs’ paws”
“The flavour should tell you that the pig was happy”