About lectures:

Workshops and lectures for companies and educational institutions with the main emphasis on working intuitively: Many people do workshops; I have participated in many. I hate it, there are too many people, too many opinions, and the thinking and sketching process is too long. My workshop is about acting intuitively and then selecting. I put myself and the participants under pressure to make suggestions without discussing them first; then the discussion can begin. A professor once said to me, "Oh, did you go and ruin another nice piece of paper!" I want to try to make the participants spend minutes, not days. I have to put them under pressure, force them to act on what they carry within. The thought/idea is finished the moment one gets the assignment ... Do it right away, tear it down later; that is the art ... selecting and then initiating the true design process. I would say five days, five shapes in a functional scale. I like to take a few seconds to think, put my feet up, take a puff on my cigar, but then it is time for action. We have more than enough ideas. My daughter says, "I have an idea" – she uses that all the time when she wants us to listen. We are in charge, as long as we act right away. Sensory training: In an atmosphere filled with drama and humour I teach the participants to know and use their sensory powers. I am convinced that we have many senses that are rarely used; let us bring them out, and we will be able to create more holistic solutions. I ask people to use their senses of smell, touch and hearing through small exercises. The point is that if we use our entire sensory capacity we command a stronger position, offer better arguments and create superior solutions. I provide tools that can be applied until the approach becomes second nature.